Audience and jury award

Award winners 2024

During the award ceremony of the 47. Grenzland-Filmtage International Film Festival 2024, the winners in the various categories will be announced. The winning films of the public vote will be shown again on Sunday, 07.04.2024 in separate screenings. The exact showtimes can be found in the program schedule.

  • ZuKi Film Award Children's Film

    Dietrich Pollak | Germany 2022

    This award is donated by Zukunft Kinder e.V..

  • Jury Film Award "Eastern European Film"

    It's fine
    Alla Eliseeva | Russia, Georgia 2024

    Jury's statement:
    On behalf of the Eastern Europe jury it is our great pleasure to be able to award the prize for the Best Eastern European film to Alla Eliseeva for “It’s fine”.
    This Russian-Georgian co-production introduces an ostensibly decent couple living under the gaze of an ever-present eye. We find ourselves in a minimalist, perfectly colour-coordinated apartment and at the same time in a minimalist, perfectly colour-coordinated film. The rhythmic edit and repetitions coupled with oscillating motifs give rise to images that exert an almost musical effect upon the audience. Brutal transgressions in the couple’s life are only hinted at. This sophisticated, multi-layered film can be interpreted in many ways, including politically.

    Honourable mention to "God's Gift"
    In addition, we would like to award a honourable mention to the Kyrgyz feature “God’s gift”, a film which tells an unusual and moving family story with charming situational comedy without ever imposing a moral judgement on the audience.

    This award is donated by Stadt Selb.

  • Jury Film Award "Newcomer Film Award"

    Auf Sand gebaut
    Florian Paul | Germany 2022

    Jury's statement:
    "Auf Sand gebaut" by Florian Paul could be a narrative music video, but it is much more: a poetic play of colours with perfectly arranged images reminiscent of Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick. With surprising twists and turns, the film tells of universal yearnings, of the desire to break out of a society that has been clocked to the beat. It shows us how courage and curiosity can open up new spaces - and finds hope in a world torn apart.

    This award is donated by Sparkasse Hochfranken.

  • Film Award "Indie-Award"

    Einmal richtig
    Holger Borggrefe | Germany 2024

    Jury's statement:
    The film conveys a knowing feeling, because finding the right love is a challenge for everyone. Holger Borggrefe succeeds in conveying this challenge authentically and genuinely with his story. The main character's dead friend plays a wonderful and supportive role, becoming the central character himself. An entertaining 100 minutes that will leave you smiling nostalgically in your cinema seat.

    This award is presented by the Independent Filmakademie Fichtelgebirge and donated by PROBAU Massivhaus GmbH.

  • Audience Film Awards

    Long Feature:

    God's Gift
    Asel Zhuraeva | Kyrgyzstan 2023 

    Midlength Feature:

    Lang lebe der Fischfriedhof
    Elsa van Damke | Germany 2023 

    Short Film:

    Helen Silvander | Sweden 2023 


    Wenn der Nebel kommt
    Laurentia Genske | Mexico 2023 

    This award is donated by Rosenthal GmbH.